Earn Revenue from Virtual Film Sets

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Earn Revenue from Virtual Film Sets

If you have an in-house marketing team who is currently focused on your website, we’ll work with them to coordinate the website with your new metaverse world.

If you don’t have a marketing department dedicated to internet or metaverse marketing, we’ll be your team.

We’ll work to continually optimize your metaverse world with new story lines, new features and functionality, and new experiences. The metaverse for your company will be a living and breathing world.

Virtual Sets: Earn Your Location Fees Through Online Distribution

Do you have a unique/interesting/historical location which could serve as a backdrop for a

More and more films are being produced using LED walls instead of green screens. Virtual sets are successfully replacing difficult shoot locations.

We’ll build a digital twin of any location or environment ready to be used on any Virtual Production Stage around the world.

Why Filmmakers Use This

Productions can now film “on-location” without the worry of sun-placement, weather, traffic, or endless expenses. A true gamechanger for Directors, Cinematographers and VFX teams

• Virtual sets reflect accurate lighting and perfect colors that move strictly with the camera’s field of view.
• Motion-tracked cameras execute traditional cinematography techniques within the virtual set.
• Our virtual sets are production-ready through Unreal Engine and can be integrated into all leading film software.

  • You’ll get your location fees virtually, earning a percentage on every virtual set rental from our database
  • There’s no need for you to close any city street or block traffic for film shoots
  • Virtual Sets can be used for any form of digital marketing- tourism websites, locationpromotion
  • Full-Service Video Production
  • Photorealistic 8k 3D Video Rendering
  • Promoting your location to productions worldwide

Here’s How We Do It

1. We film your location in person.
2. We create a photo-real 8k digital twin of your location.
3. We deliver your complete virtual world to you in any resolution that works for your marketing needs.
4. We host your digital twin in our virtual Film sets database and license out the immersive 8k version to film productions worldwide.
5. We send you your license fee every time your location is rented