Virtual Location Scouting

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Virtual Location Scouting

Make your venue available for virtual location scouting, allowing you to offer:

  • A photo-real Immersive experience
  • Camera placement from any angle, at any distance, anywhere on the property
  • 100% Accurate sun placement from outside, any time of year, any time of day

Offer a previsualization experience to filmmakers and let your location be the star


For the first time ever, filmmakers will be able to visualize their scenes within your location. Once filmmakers have conceptualized their art within your property, the decisionmakers will have the tools to pre-scout from their laptops. They will fully immerse themselves in your location. This experience increases engagement with your brand. Engagement drives bookings.

Offering these easy-to-use previs tools to the filmmakers saves them production time and money.

What We Can do For You:

Making these free-to-use tools accessible to the Director, Cinematographer, Production Designer and VFX Supervisor allows films of any budget size to conceptualize the scenes within your location.

The technology will supplement your existing marketing initiatives and work seamlessly with Reel Scout.